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Our Newest Friends

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Bobby is a gentle, sweet cat, and one big piece of love! He’s a young adult brown male tabby with a pretty caramel undercoat. Bobby was originally..

25 likes, 1 comments5 days ago

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Lola is a stunning orange and white domestic shorthair cat. This sweet rare orange & white female has the most mesmerizing intense yellow/gold..

30 likes, 4 comments6 days ago

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Buster is a handsome orange and white tuxedo kitten. He has tiny white footies on his front feet, and a pink nose. Adorable! ❤️ Buster is..

40 likes, 3 comments1 week ago

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Mischa is a dark tortoiseshell Maine Coonish kitty, with pretty clear green eyes. She is a very sweet, lovely girl, and likes to purr and nuzzle…

45 likes, 8 comments1 week ago

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Olaf is a Black & White Maine Coon mix, with a very fluffy coat and tail, and lovely green eyes. He’s a young adult with a personality that’s..

42 likes, 4 comments2 weeks ago